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The Struggle

For years I have been trying to find a perfect fitting hat for my oddly shaped head.  I struggled as I tried fitted hats, adjustable hats, flexfit hats and still no luck! I thought if someone would just make a hat that used all stretch material and was adjustable in size then that would be what I’m looking for. I’d buy 100! After an exhaustive search I decided it was to no avail and went on a mission to make the hat all of us oddly shaped head people (head people?) want and deserve!  And that is how Trufitcaps was born. 

What is Trufitcaps?

Trufitcaps is the solution to the struggle I mentioned above.  It is the culmination of over a year of R&D to make the perfect fitting hat.  I took everything I loved about all the hats I’ve owned over the years and combined only the best features into one amazing baseball cap.  

What Are The Best Features Of A Baseball Cap?

After trying on hundreds, and yes I mean hundreds of hats, there were three features that I found all of my favorite hats had.  The only problem was that no hat had them all. These three features make such a difference when it comes to comfort for a hat that it’s amazing that all hats don’t combine them together.  Here’s my list of the top 3 features that all hats should have:

  1. Premium Elastic Sweatband (that’s also sweat absorbing!)
  • Why? - The stretch in the elastic is like a hug for your head.  It allows the hat to conform to any head shape without ever feeling too tight or too loose.
  • Soft Stretch Fabric
  • Why? - If the hat can stretch around the width of your head, it must be able to stretch to the height of your head as well! 
  • Fully Adjustable Back Strap
  • Why? - Stretch can only stretch so much, in order to have the perfect fit to achieve maximum comfort you need the freedom to be able to adjust to exact size of your head.

All The Best In One Cap

A lot of hats claim to be “One Size Fits All” but no hat has a combination of the 3 features above...until now.  Trufitcaps has just made a hat that is the most comfortable hat ever made.  Every single Trufitcap combines the three extremely important features I listed above.  All hats are made with a Premium Elastic Sweatband, Super Soft Stretch Cotton and a Fully Adjustable Back Strap.  We combined these features into a classic style dad cap with high end brass finishes that make for the perfect combination of style and comfort.  

The search is over!  Do your head a favor and pick up the world’s most comfortable hat from

We Didn’t Invent The Hat, Just The Perfect Fitting Hat. 

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